Could your symptoms be misleading you? Read on to find out more..

Back Pain and Neck Pain are often symptoms of underlying issues that take a long time to develop and can lead to deterioration of your spinal health over time.


There are 3 big mistakes that many people make when it comes to their pain, find out if you've been making them 


Mistake number 1 

Leaving things too long before acting! Too many people ignore initial symptoms and only act when their pain gets to a stage that they cannot ignore it. At this stage there is often more wrong and it may take more time to get things right again. 




Want to know more?


Mistake number 2 

Leaving care too early. Yes! Healing takes time and is known as a healing "Process" rather than a healing "instant" for good reasons. May issues underlying the symptoms of pain are due to long term postural stresses, work based stresses or previous injuries. These things are often the causes of pain and cannot be avoided entirely. If you work at a desk, then unless you can stop working at a desk, the stress to your spine is likely to eventually result in a gradual loss of function and then pain again over time. 

Mistake number 2 then; leaving care at the point of inital improvement and moving back into a life of continued stress from the causes of the pain without the support of your chiropractor to help your spine continue to cope with them.

Mistake number 3

Letting life get in the way. We all have busy lives and sometimes it's easy to put everyone else first. But when it comes to your body, it needs help as much as everyone else does. The difference is that if we leave our pain to develop from a milder discomfort into more serious pain then it will affect our mood, concentration levels, energy levels, mobility and ultimately our health. So, lets make sure that we look after ourselves as we would look after someone we care about. Afterall, you only have one of you and it's far better to be the best version of you, the people who care about you want to see that person as much as you want to be them!


Don't make these mistakes, it's likely that you have a choice about your symptoms. Contact us today to make a follow up appointment with your chiropractor and get back on track this year. 

A better you, a better life with Precision Chiropractic.


Special Note for the 28th Jan. 

If you have been lucky enough to receive an email from us inviting you to a free treatment on Saturday the 28th of January then be quick! Spaces will run out quickly and we'd love to see you!

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