Is your baby constantly crying? See baby Nell's miracle story here

Is your baby constantly crying? 

baby cryingThere are of course many things that can be the cause of a baby crying for prolonged periods of time. 

We cannot cure for example a baby who is experiencing pain due to "wind" or tummy upset, or who is not feeling well. 

So, if you have exhausted ALL other avenues (tried different feed, had your baby medically checked, tried soothing, pacifiying, swaddling, etc) and your baby is still crying for hours a day and seems to be in some distress, then why not bring them to our clinic to have them checked? Our specially trained chiropractor will be able to gently assess your baby to see if they seem to be in pain from areas that we can help with. 

In our experience, babies can sometimes simply be left in pain due to the physical stresses of the birthing process. 

Watch on to find out how baby Nell got back on track and her mum and dad got some sleep here.

Watch the video below to find out more.


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