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Our Children receive Chiropractic Care for a reason!

A dentist for their teeth? A doctor for their health? A chiropractor for their joints, spine and posture and development!


Get the very best start to your running season by avoiding these common beginner mistakes. Mo Farah uses Chiropractic for good reasons, let's help you too.

Piriformis syndrome: The runners blight and the pregnant woman's nightmare!

Pain from Piriformis Syndrome can be severe and this condition can even cause outright sciatica, BUT what is it, what causes it and what can be done about it?

Back pain and stiffness in the morning. Don't buy that new bed just yet!

Do I need a new bed? Read on to find out why buying a new bed could be the LAST THING you need to do to get rid of your back pain in the morning.

Vitamin D deficiency - What you NEED to know

Lack of Vit D appears to increase risk of infection, certain types of cancer, Diabetes, Neurodegenerative diseases, get yours boosted today!


Back Pain leads to 13% greater chance of death from all other causes in the elderly! Research study finds greater risk of death in elderly with back pain.

Could your symptoms be misleading you? Read on to find out more..

Have you made one of these 3 big mistakes when it comes to your pain? Symptoms are often the last thing to arrive and the first thing to improve with care. But often indicate underlying problems that have taken much longer to develop. Read on to find out the top 3 mistakes that patients make while undergoing care.

Ibuprofen 19% increased risk of heart failure if taken over the last 14 days!

Yet another reason why NSAIDs are NOT the answer to your pain. Get to the cause of your pain with award winning chiropractic care in Caerphilly and Cardiff

The 3 BIG BACK PAIN QUESTIONS you need to ask!

Learn The 3 BIG SIGNS that would mean you need to GET TO A+E quickly and WHAT TO DO if you hurt your back & want to get better QUICKLY!

Back and hip pain while running

Getting back and hip pain while running? Those weak gluts could be the cause. get these exercises into your routine now!

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